Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newsea Wake Up retexture

Did you notice the blond model? Doesn't she seem familiar? It's a blond version of Kate! :D I think I like her more than Fiona. She will be uploaded soon! :)

There's not much I can say about the hair except that it looks so nice on Kate's blond ''twin''. :) Enjoy!

  • 16 colors - from toddler to adult (+ one grey for elders)
  • binned and familified 
  • retextured with my V2 edit of Nouk's texture
  • some of Pooklet's actions used,edited by me a bit
  • reduced shine on brown and some red shades
  • completely new blondes, one new red
  • mesh by Newsea included

Color chart 


If you like it please comment and/or click the Thanks! button. (This is important for me so I can know what you like and what you don't) :)
Mesh by Newsea included

Credits: Newsea - mesh, Nouk - base texture (I used my edits), Pooklet - some actions
Additional credits: EA, Sentate - clothes, Ephemera, La_Vanilla - skins
Models by me


  1. Found your blog 2 days ago while googling stuff. Your textures are amazing, like woah. If you ever can, please upload the red model (sorry if I sound..well...rude..haha).

  2. Beautiful model and textures thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you all, I'm so glad you like it! :)

    Anonymous - you're not rude,don't worry :) I will upload her :)

  4. Nice textures, gorgeous models!

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely <33

  6. Redhead is quite adorable ;) Thanks for the textures doll!

  7. Pretty texture. Pretty red hair and model too.

  8. i love you baby.

  9. woooow! i love it soooo

  10. Can u re-upload this link? :(

  11. file is not there. please, upload it again..

  12. Even now looking to download this hair, shame the link is broken. Please re-upload if you ever decide to come back to this blog!