Friday, January 6, 2012

Important message - please read


Dear Simmers,
hope you are reading this, because I'm very sad. You see, I spend much time retexturing Sims 2 hair because I really like doing it. I can't say I like it more than creating clothes, after all that's how I started this blog, but at the moment it suits me more. It's kinda more relaxing and faster.
Now,to get to the point. The reason why this message is so important is that I wanted to ask you why do you guys comment so rarely..? I really have many downloads but only a few comments. Even the number of you who thanked a certain post is way too lower than the number of people who downloaded something from that post (and that's the case with every post :( ) It's really making me depressed. 

Every creator is happy when he gets feedback on his hard work. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to comment on something you really like. Or at least click the Thanks! button If you don't have time. 
Thank you. <3


  1. Your works and blog are fancy and I'm really into all your stuff. Don't worry, I'm sure things will get better soon! A little advice: ads are great to make new guests (also these who comment and appreciate :)

  2. i always click thanks

  3. Adrianna thank you for your lovely words. And of course for your advice :) But I'm not sure what kind of ads and where? :)

    Anonymous that's very kind of you,thank you :)

  4. You can search some blogs or sites similar to yours, also forums about TS2 etc. and make some comments, for example: " >short comment about post/work/download< Please take a look at my clothes and hair retextures, feedback welcome! :) >your's blog adress<."

    It seems like spam at the beginning unless you write something direct about a thing. :)
    Of course some of them can ignore your invitation, but believe me, even one comment placed in proper place can change everything!

    Good luck & if any troubles, I will help you!

  5. Btw, sorry if my English isn't proper - I'm from Poland :D

  6. You must be very happy if you get comments at all. You have about 5 comments under every post when you have just 10 000 clicks. I have 110 000 clicks and I be very happy if I get at least 1-2 comments.

  7. Adrianna thank you very much! :) It's so nice of you to give me advice and to be so detailed. :) I honestly appreciate it. <3
    Oh and I think your English is really good, don't worry about it. :) My English is not perfect either, I'm from Serbia hehe :)

    Raigiux yes, I understand what you are talking about. But as I wrote I really don't understand why I have so many downloads, but it's not the same with the comments,nor the thanks. But, as Adrianna wrote, things will get better with time, I hope. :)

    1. I love your creations and hope you will keep creating, you are making more people than you'll ever know so happy, thanking you for your awesome work xx

  8. I know how it feels. I myself am a blogger, and it takes so much effort and energy to create and keep it running. But it's so hard when you don't even know what people think of all your creations. ((( I even thought of closing it down, and it's taking me a lot of effort to make them start posting comments hehe. anyway, this blog of yours is absolutely amazing. I am serious. These clothes and hair and all... I don't play Sims 2 very often, but I do appreciate other people's work because I'm in the same shoes now. I post comments whenever I can although there are lots of great blogs and sites on the net. And I do love to view the downloaded stuff in my game and use it. So thank you for all your effort!!!!!

  9. I love your creations- I'm just about to download everything. I'm so picky when it comes to hair retextures because of the colour actions. I love all of the colors you've chosen/edited, and I hope you continue to create for the Sims 2. c:

  10. seus cabelos são lindo mas infelizmente estão sendo todos deletados !!! Uma pena !!!