Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newsea Sweet Dream retexture

  • 16 colors - from toddler to adult (+ one grey for elders)
  • binned and familified 
  • retextured with my V2 edit of Nouk's texture
  • some of Pooklet's actions used,edited by me a bit
  • reduced shine on brown and some red shades
  • completely new blondes, one new red
  • mesh by Newsea included 

Color chart


If you like it please comment and/or click the Thanks! button. (This is important for me so I can know what you like and what you don't) :)
Mesh by Newsea included

Credits: Newsea - mesh, Nouk - base texture (I used my edits), Pooklet - some actions
Additional credits: EA - clothes, Ephemera,Mouseyblue - skins
Models by me


  1. This is lovely. The style and colors are exquisite! Muchas Gracias Carmen!

  2. Thank you Marie! I'm so happy you like it, this is one of my favorite hairstyles :)

  3. Beautiful work! Just stumbled across your neat site; thanks.

  4. Beautiful work! Just stumbled across your neat site; thanks.

  5. Hello Carmen!
    I play sims 2 all that time and your uploads are great!
    What's the light-brown headed sim's name? She's pretty!

  6. Your rouge haired simmie reminds me of Nina Caliente- but prettier (; Thanks for the hair, by the by.

  7. The textures are very smooth, elegant, & silky. The silhoutte of the hair itself is nice too. I love how the hair looks on the fuchsia model, so I do hope to see more previews featuring her.

  8. Thank you all! :) Your compliments cheered me up,hehe :) I'm so happy you like my work and that you posted such lovely comments :)

    Catherine - I didn't name her yet, but I'll upload her soon :)

    Anonymous - Haha I agree with you,she does remind a bit :)


  9. yay for sims 2 creations!!
    these textures are niice, thnx!!
    and your new sim in that fuchsia top is puurrttty!

  10. You works is PERFECT! The best ! I love it!!!

  11. Thank you! Glad you like my work! :)
    The Sim will be for download soon :)